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23 Track CD

Are you there SPIRIT You are there


    For each purchase of 2 CDs, get a FREE and EXCLUSIVE spiritual in MP3 that is NOT on the actual CD  Every Time I Feel The Spirit

    Listen to it here :

    For purchases of 4 CDs or more, get an additional FREE and EXCLUSIVE spiritual in MP3, also not on the actual CD :
    Joshua Fit De Battle Of Jericho

    Listen to it here :

    For purchases outside Europe and the US, Canada and Mexico please contact me directly.



    Recorded with Belgian pianist Lucas Blondeel in Bayreuth Germany, Wagner's illustrious musical home, this CD was unknowingly the perfect backdrop for these Negro Spirituals.

    Now, I actually feel quite honored to be part of such a privileged group of African - American singers who can say that they sang in Bayreuth, Germany. Why you may ask?  Because due to enormous racial tensions and issues during his lifetime and racism being heavily sculpted in the Collective Consciousness and fabric of Bayreuth, there have only been a couple of African-American opera singers who have even sung there.

    "Mr. Salters has a voice that you just can't listen to once, and even more you will be captivated. His vocals are almost tangible in the way they almost drip off your soul at times, frequently. If you have the opportunity to see him live you need to find a ticket. Mr. Salters' rich, strong, moving (MOVING) voice will definitely push your “buttons” in the best way. This CD is unbelievable and otherworldly.  Sooooo Powerful and Beautiful."

    "The songs have more meaning and even more mystery is unfolding each time I listen to it.  I'm so honored to be able to preview this CD before the rest of the world......It's Beautiful, Great dynamics, Very Profound.  Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!!!"

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