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Are you there SPIRIT You are there


These “folk” songs covering a diverse span of subjects have been interchangeably called

myriad names including negro spirituals, negro religious songs, jubilee; minstrel; and story

songs; work, slave, plantation, and chain gang songs; and “corn ditties.” Because white

owners felt Christianization of their slaves led to their good behavior, religious efforts were

encouraged and plantation ‘praise houses’ were built where they could dance, sing and

play drums. These luminous beings sang not only as a way of life inherent in their culture, they sang to transcend the pain, emotion, or anger of the individual or the collective slave experience. Their songs were ultimately being employed in a quest for freedom from their daily atrocities. Slaves were indeed profoundly tested with physical and emotional means full of desperation, blood, sweat and tears. Yet ultimately their innate power, strength, and divine connection carried these beings of uncanny and remarkable resourcefulness through to the “Promised Land.”

CD Libretto in Translation : CS - DEESFRNL - PL - PT - RU

Are you there SPIRIT

you are there

Please enjoy the blessing of a "Little Light"

 from a video coming out soon

Selections from the actual CD

Deep River

Go Down Moses

I've Been In The Storm So Long

You Must Come In By And Through The Lamb

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"Stephen Salters is a Great singer, great voice. All is amazing - the song, the voice, the piano are just so magnificent. Stephen's Opera Baritone is incredible. Very Clear message! Beautifully sung and with a very beautiful voice.  Loved this CD the first time I heard it and the more I listen to it, the more I love it...if that is even or at all possible. WOW!!!!"


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"The songs have more meaning and even more mystery is unfolding each time I listen to it.  I'm so honored to be able to preview this CD before the rest of the world......It's Beautiful, Great dynamics, Very Profound.  Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!!!"

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